to meet, to come together, to harmonize (AI)

spirit, life-force, universal energy (KI)

the way, path (DO)

Aikido is a martial art relatively new, its beginning date is around the 1920s, when Morihei Ueshiba began to develop it. Like Judo and Kendo, Aikido is rooted in koryu (traditional schools from clasic budo ) and incorporates concepts of Yagyu sword school, Daito-ryu, ... . All concepts have been transformed and refined through the attachment to the Omoto-kyo religion, celebration of life, creation and love for people. Aikido replaces the mutilation and destruction of classical jujutsu with control and compassion.

Internal principles are oriented to take over and control rather than injury and destroy the opponent, protect the defender and the atacker also. The practitioner doens't use his fist/foot to harm or to provoke unnecessary pain, or to block or resist to the attack, but to harmonize and transform the energy redirecting the attack. The result is a gently devastating technique and an art that does not make sense to most observers used to use force against force.